Pool FAQ

What is the difference between Vinyl Liner and Fiberglass?

The largest difference between Vinyl Liner and Fiberglass is that with Fiberglass you don’t have the future expense of replacing the liner. Both options are great swimming pools, both will require the same weekly chemical checks, the same general maintenance, and will use the same equipment. Vinyl Liner is generally less expensive up front, but more expensive long term. Where as Fiberglass is more expensive up front and less expensive long term.

If I have a salt system, does that mean I don’t need any other chemicals?

No, having a salt system simply is using less chlorine. The salt generator will create the chlorine in your pool. However, you will still need to check all the other levels in your pool and may have to add other chemicals accordingly (PH-Up/PH-Down/Conditioner/Algaecide/etc).

ABC Pool Company says they can start next week, why can’t you?

We strive to provide an honest estimate as to when we will be able to start your construction project. When we start your pool project we stay until we are finished, usually 4-6 weeks. Some companies will start your pool and take several months to a year to complete your pool, but they were able to give you that early start date. Be sure to do your research no matter which company you decide to choose.

How much do inground pools cost?

Inground Pools vary in cost depending on the type/size/options/yard layout/etc. There are many different factors that can affect the cost. The least expensive inground pool would be around $60,000. Please contact us to give you a quote for your backyard.

How do I finance a Pool?

Many people use the equity in their homes to get a home equity loan through the bank of their choice. We also have options to work with financing companies for people with good credit to get an unsecured loan for your pool. Please take a look at our finance page for more information on this.