Custom Fiberglass Pools

Discover the Elegance of Fiberglass Pools

Immerse yourself in the sophistication of fiberglass pools, where we combine sleek design with unparalleled functionality. Our fiberglass pools are the epitome of modern pool technology, offering a seamless blend of durability, low maintenance, and exquisite aesthetics.

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Fiberglass Pool

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Fiberglass Pool Process

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We Use Latham, Imagine Pools, and Barrier Reef Products

We are proud to partner with industry leaders like Latham, Imagine Pools, and Barrier Reef to offer you an amazing selection of fiberglass pools. Our commitment to quality and excellence is reflected in every pool we install, and by choosing the best products from these renowned brands, we ensure that your pool is not just a feature but a lasting investment. With Latham’s innovative designs, Imagine Pools’ exceptional craftsmanship, and Barrier Reef’s vibrant aesthetics, we bring a world of possibilities to your backyard.

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Benefits of Fiberglass Pools

  • Low cost of ownership

    No large expense to replace a liner or anything in the shell in the future.

  • Warranty

    Some of our fiberglass manufacturers offer a lifetime warranty.

  • Faster Installation Time

    Weather dependent a fiberglass pool can be installed and ready to swim in 3-5 weeks.

  • Strength

    Fiberglass, made of millions of interwoven glass threads covered in polyester resin, is the choice material for high-performance products like surfboards, boats, multi-million dollar yachts, airplanes, and even helicopters. It’s stronger than many metals, is non-conductive, and is resistant to most chemicals

Popular Fiberglass Pools Shapes & Sizes

Our range of fiberglass pools, known for their sleek finish and enduring quality, are available in an array of shapes and sizes.

  • The Illusion

    SIZES (in feet):
    15 × 30 | 15 × 35 | 15 x 40 |

    Manufacturer: Imagine Pools

  • The Freedom with Splash Pad

    SIZES (in feet):
    13 × 31 | 13 × 34 | 13 x 38 |

    Manufacturer: Imagine Pools

  • Bondi

    SIZES (in feet):
    16 × 35 | 16 × 40 |

    Manufacturer: Barrier Reef

  • Outback Lounger

    SIZES (in feet):
    11 × 23 | 11 × 30 |

    Manufacturer: Barrier Reef

  • Corinthian

    SIZES (in feet):
    12 × 25 | 14 × 30 | 16 x 40 |

    Manufacturer: Latham

  • Fiji

    SIZE (in feet):
    15 × 34

    Manufacturer: Latham

Custom Fiberglass Pool FAQ

  • Why is Fiberglass Pool a good option for me?
    There are several reasons a Fiberglass Pool may be the best option for you. Maintenance Costs – You want to set it and forget it. A fiberglass pool allows you to forget any large future expenses for your pool. There is no liner to replace, so you can enjoy for many years to come without breaking the budget. Tanning Ledges & Benches – Are you wanting a pool with several benches or tanning ledges? The best options and most economical for these options are available in fiberglass shells. There are tons of options and layouts that include large tanning ledges and benches. Built in Spa – You are able to have a hot tub built right into your pool. So you can go from one to another without stepping out of the pool.
  • Will my fiberglass pool pop out of the ground?
    No, a properly installed fiberglass pool will never float or pop out of the ground. All of our fiberglass pools are installed with a sump pump so we are able to monitor and remove any ground water around the outside of the pool. The second key to this is that the homeowner never drains the water out of a fiberglass pool. The weight of the water also helps to hold the fiberglass shell into place.
  • How long do fiberglass pools last?
    The structure of the pool will last as long as the home—certainly 50+ years. The gelcoat surface will last decades as well, if properly manufactured and maintained.
  • How long does it take to install a fiberglass pool?
    As long as the weather cooperates on average it is 3-5 weeks from start to finish.
  • Can I have Saltwater?
    Yes, a fiberglass pool is completely compatible with a saltwater system.