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Testing Your Pool Water – It’s More than just Chlorine


Every year we get service calls that someone’s heater is leaking/not working. We arrive on site to find that another heat exchanger has been destroyed by the pool water that was not kept inline. The customers response is usually, “But I checked the Chlorine level”. There is so much more than chlorine that is important for your pool water. While chlorine is the most common chemical you think of when you think of pools it is actually not the most important.

Five factors affect water quality: pH, total alkalinity (adjusted to carbonate alkalinity), calcium hardness, total dissolved solids, and sanitizer.

The pH, carbonate alkalinity, calcium hardness, total dissolved solids, and temperature of the water, are used to determine the overall water balance. Properly adjusting these parameters allows you to keep the water balanced, in order to avoid the tendency of the water to become either “scale forming” or “corrosive/aggressive.”

Scale-forming tendencies are usually related to high pH, or elevated levels of alkalinity, calcium hardness, total dissolved solids, or a combination of these. Conversely, corrosive/aggressive deterioration is usually related to low pH, or low levels of carbonate alkalinity, calcium hardness, total dissolved solids, or a combination of these. .

Corrosive/aggressive water can also destroy pool tile grout, metal light rings, heaters, and pool equipment. Maintaining proper service and proper water balance (chemical levels or ‘ranges’) is essential in the prevention of equipment issues and will ensure you are providing a safe swimming space for your family and friends.

It is critical to take the time once a week to test your water chemistry. We all know we didn’t enjoy that chemistry class in High School, but now is the time to score an “A” on the test. Or if you want to skip the test all together T&T Pools will be happy to provide you with weekly service to make sure that everything stays in line and exactly where it is supposed to be.

To get started or find out more about Weekly or Bi-Weekly Service please contact us at 502-817-3197 or send us an email to service@tandtpools.com.

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